The Girlfriend's Guide to Jewellery

by Anne Wallner Rss
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12: Style

A parallel may be drawn between the jewellery world and the clothing world.
A custom designed and hand made ‘one of a kind’ piece of jewellery is as special, individual and rare as a couturier runway creation.

‘Limited edition’ pieces, the designer name brand lines that are sold through exclusive contract at jewellery stores around the world, are roughly the equivalent to the upscale name brand clothes sold in boutiques and chic ‘Downtown’ department stores. Both deliver the pride, confidence and the prestige of wearing a recognized and elite ‘peer approved’ designer name. We recognize that these pieces, be they jewellery or clothes, are of consistent and dependable quality.

Based on the styles and trends established by these famous designers come a myriad of distant cousins: the ‘wannabes’ and knockoffs. From the consumer perspective, the further ‘down the chain’ a piece is from the original designer house, the more relaxed our expectations become. Though the look may be somewhat similar to the original, we know not to look too closely at the details or the finish.

Falling off the wagon with a blouse or a dress is far less haunting than buying a piece of bad jewellery. Bad dress choices can be passed on to Good Will without too much lingering remorse. The bad jewellery choices hurt more, cost more and usually stick around to haunt us for much longer from the quiet corners of our dresser drawers.

Our jewellery and clothing define our personal style but long after the suit goes to the Good Will and the jeans don’t fit, the jewellery will remain.

The range of possible style and shapes is vast. Not all rings will suit the shape of our hand and not all earrings will flatter our face or neck. We should take our time and try on many styles before buying. The one we reach for first may not be the right one.

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