The Girlfriend's Guide to Jewellery

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29: Merry Christmas Greetings!

While we all celebrate in our own special way, some with long practiced traditions, some with a new adventure each year, some in the company of our near and dear, some far from loved ones and those old familiar traditions, it is the intangible spirit of the season that can truly transport us.

The Christmas spirit is a lot like a special piece of treasured jewellery.
It is not the value or size of the celebration that touches us, not the grand location or the storybook atmosphere of the celebration that is important, it is the warmth that glows and grows from within that is priceless. And just like that treasured piece of jewellery, what brings that special feeling is unique for each one of us.

Whatever brings you that special joy we hope it finds you again this year.

Best wishes one and all for a very Happy Christmas!

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