The Girlfriend's Guide to Jewellery

by Anne Wallner Rss
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30: Moving Forward

Hi! I’m back after taking some personal time. As much as I love jewellery… wearing it, looking at it, talking about it… some times I can be sidetracked.

Most recently I have been completely smitten and preoccupied by our first grandchild! Of course he is the most beautiful child I have ever seen and, instead of spending my spare time with all of you, I have been working on making him a welcome gift!

AS it happens, it was a good spot to take a break. We have looked at some basic jewellery language, terms and definitions. You have waded through some pretty dry discussions of the differences among density, size and weight; the difference between carat and karat and the difference between hardness and durability.

Now that we are all speaking the same language we can move on to actually talking about jewellery!

First we’ll look at the care, cleaning and maintenance of fine jewellery. From there we’ll move on to look at some of the ‘accepted’ short cuts in jewellery making and how those shortcuts they can effect your satisfaction in the pieces you choose not just their pricing and quality.

We will contrast shortcut methods with more traditional methods of jewellery making. When you start to see the range of possibilities you will be able to decide quite quickly for yourself where your comfort level sits.

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