About Alyea’s Ottawa

Welcome to Alyea’s Jewellers!

Since opening our doors on the Sparks Street Mall in 1961, Alyea’s has become a landmark destination for jewellery lovers in Ottawa. We are proud to have built a sterling reputation based on more than five decades of outstanding service, unparalleled selection, and exceptional value. Whether you’re adding to your collection, preserving an heirloom or creating an original piece, our team of experts can turn your jewellery vision into reality. Alyea’s has been a member of the American Gem society for over 50 years and is Ottawa’s first Certified Gem Laboratory.

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Alyea’s Ethos

  • We believe we are here for you and because of you, our clients.
  • We believe that we each have a voice and that we need to both use it and to listen to others.
  • We believe in celebrating the creative fire that lives in each one of us.
  • We believe we all need more yes and less no.
  • We believe in the magic of what we make and in the hands that make it.
  • We believe that nature is our greatest treasure.
  • We believe in the perfection of the imperfect.
  • We believe that art will save the world.
  • We believe.