Coloured Gemstones in Ottawa

We love diamonds, but we’re also passionate about coloured gemstones. Among all of Earth’s known 3,500 plus minerals, only 90 meet the complex combination of beauty, durability and rarity to earn the name gemstone.

At Alyea’s, as gemologists we understand the individual characteristics of each gem. We have an extensive in house selection of loose gemstones including emeralds, rubies, sapphires and organic gems. We have most of the gems you know as well as a few you may have never heard of!

Since every gemstone is unique, not every one is suitable for every purpose. Our gemologists recognize the virtues and nuances of each stone. We are here to give you expert advice and help you choose a gemstone you will enjoy for years to come.

Alyea’s also has a range of rough gems and mineral specimens on display, many available for purchase. Contact us today to experience the magic of gemstones.

ruby and diamond ring

yellow citrine earrings

amethyst cabochon ring

emerald necklace

jade ring

multi-gemstone rainbow earrings

various loose aquamarines

rose tourmaline diamond halo ring

multi-coloured garnet jewellery

sapphire and diamond ring

yellow sapphire pendant

rope green tourmaline ring